Ocean Pier


Welcome to Ocean Pier

It’s not that we’re a new company, far from it. North America’s largest and most respected distributors, retailers and national restaurant chains have been selling our products for over seventeen years, but always – sigh – always under their names, not ours. We have, however, promised not to reveal their secret and we always keep our promises.

If our brand is unfamiliar there’s only one solution – try Ocean Pier for yourself.

At this point you can go directly to the contact us page and tell us what’s on your mind,  or you can read a little more about who we are, our dedication to service, our products, or a few handy entertaining tips and then contact us. Either way, we hope you enjoy your visit to Ocean Pier and look forward to meeting you soon.

Product Spotlights

Mini Crab cakes
We produce a varieyt of mini crab cakes for both retail and foodservice customers across North America